Desk Globe

Hi! I'm Teresa Schumacher, creator of Candid Voyage, and I believe that every place, and everyone, has a unique story that deserves to be told.


When I travel my goal is to seek personal connection, to interact with people and cultures in a positive manner, to learn and grow from my experiences, and uncover incredible stories along the way. 

Candid Voyage encompasses my many creative endeavors, all designed to provide you with an uncensored, authentic account of my experiences. Through writing, filming and photography, I aim to break down cultural barriers, shed new light on places that have been stigmatized or misunderstood in the past, and tell stories that deserve to be shared.


My hope is that by doing so I can provide insight into a more immersive, sustainable form of travel (and life!) and inspire others to explore this vast, complex, wonderful world we call home.

When I'm not out exploring you can find me in a small town in Ohio where I work as an emergency veterinarian, spend time with my loved ones and furry friends (two dogs, a horse, and a cantankerous old cat) and continue work on the New Schu Project, a creative endeavor designed to bring my father's last dreams to fruition (See "Projects" for more info). 

I hope you enjoy this journey as much as I do!

-Teresa Schumacher, Founder of Candid Voyage


Every Place Has A Story To Tell

Donations are always greatly appreciated and will go directly toward the costs of travel expenses, camera equipment, and time it takes to write and create content, so that I may bring you even more amazing stories from the road!