Do you have a business centered around immersive, sustainable, and female friendly travel? Whether you offer an educational tour, own a local restaurant, or provide unique accommodations for the intrepid traveler, I would love to collaborate and educate others about your product. 


All my work as seen on social media is available in print form or for web use. Please contact me for details and pricing.



I am always in search of new, unique stories to tell. If you have a travel company or locally owned business and are interested in guest posts to broaden your audience, or if you simply have an incredible story that is waiting to be put to paper, I would love to discuss ways that we can work together. 

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"With vivid magical descriptions and a deeply felt personal narrative style, Teresa Schumacher's Candid Voyage calls to mind John Steinbeck's 1962 "Travel's with Charley: In Search of America"


"Teresa's ability to grab the threads of our deepest emotions and put it to words is nothing short of brilliant."


"Tragically beautiful, poignant, honest and raw"