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The "New Schu Project" is a collection of unfinished creative projects started by my father, Carl Schumacher, who passed away in 2019 after a lengthy battle with myelofibrosis.


In honor of his passion for music and writing, and his determination to create until his last day, this project is aimed at continuing his legacy by completing a few of his unfinished creations including an album (with many songs he and I co-wrote), a children's book, and a book of poetry.


Stay tuned for updates and release dates here!

If you would like to donate, please click below. **100% of all donations and proceeds from album sales will go directly to costs of publishing, printing, and paying all artists contributing to this project.

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White Squirrel: Poetry by Carl A. Schumacher 


Free shipping to residents of Yellow Springs, Ohio.


All proceeds go to funding the Just A Song Album and Carl's children's book.  


Album Update            8/1/20

Recording has commenced!

I'm very excited to announce that recording of the album "Just A Song" has officially kicked off. 

We initially postponed any live recordings due to COVID 19. However, when we realized that we might be dealing with this pandemic for the long haul, we decided to get creative... So we set up in a big church, wore masks, and practiced appropriate social distancing in order to create this music in a safe environment!

I'm so grateful for the help of these incredibly talented artists. Without them, this dream couldn't become a reality. 

Please stay tuned as I continue to update you on the recording/producing process! 

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