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Broken Promises

*Poem/lyrics by Teresa B. Schumacher, 04/22/22.

I asked you to put the bottle down

But you only drank deeper

From that endless place of sorrow

That you like to call home

I asked you to come outside

And dance in the autumn sun

Instead you closed your curtains

And staggered to your bed

While I was outside dancing

You dreamed of it instead

I asked you to show up

When I needed you the most

But you left me in the darkness

Reaching for a hand

You asked me for forgiveness

Tears pouring like your wine

But when I reached for my glass

To give you something kind

I found nothing left in those old dregs

But the bitter taste of time

The glass shatters now

And I’m left here to decide

Do I sweep the pieces under

To that place where no one goes?

Or do I walk across and bear a pain

That no one wants to know

I asked you for just one thing

As I held on to what’s true

But you’d rather dance with demons

Than give me all of you.

**** I’ve been holding these words in for a long, long time now, and it feels good and right to finally let them breathe. Addiction is an all-consuming disease, and it brings down more than just the one holding the bottle. For anyone out there who has a loved one battling addiction, know that you are not alone .

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