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New Schu Project

Conductor's baton on sheet music

The "New Schu Project" is a collection of unfinished creative projects started by my father, Carl Schumacher, who passed away in 2019 after a lengthy battle with myelofibrosis.


In honor of his passion for music and writing, and his determination to create until his last day, this project is aimed at continuing his legacy by completing a few of his unfinished creations including an album (with many songs he and I co-wrote), a children's book, and a book of poetry.

The Local Only Challenge

Open For Business

Follow me as I set out to discover small, family-owned, locally owned businesses offering sustainable products throughout the country. 

Accept the challenge! Use the #localonlychallenge on social media networks to showcase your own great small business finds. 

If you have a business and are interested in being featured, please let me know!



These American Dreams 

American Flag

An intimate look into the many different faces of  America, featuring stories from my recent travels throughout the country in my converted camper van. 

Van Life

Vintage Beige Van


Details of my DIY van conversion and my adventures on the road

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